Marine Riders Group

The Marine Riders Group is a civilian organization with no direct affiliation with the United States Marine Corps.
 Our members are former and active-duty Marines and FMF Corpsmen.

We Are A Family Oriented Group
We are absolutely nonpolitical.
Distinction of class, nationality, or sect will not be recognized nor tolerated by our organization.  Our members act in good faith with other members, and uphold the finest traditions of the United States Marine Corps.

Our Members come from all walks of life. We ride all makes of motorcycles both foreign and domestic. Two and three wheelers, and those with sidecars too. It isn't the type of machine that counts, it's the fact that we are Marines, with a passion for the Freedom commonly found with our Motorcycles. One of many Freedoms our Brothers and the Marines before us have died to preserve.

Our  Members consist of a very special breed of person.  Both Marines and the Fleet Marine Force Corpsman who wore the Eagle, Globe and Anchor have a very special bond to one another that even we find hard to explain. When you combine this bond with the passion and Freedom of motorcycling through the beauty of mother nature, in the country we would die for you've created a special breed of person. . . . .

"A United States Marine"

Marine Riders Group